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East Coast Homeowners Need Pre-Winter Basement Free Inspection

vulcanwaterproofing-FreeInspectionDecember 21st is the official start of winter. Most New Yorkers, however, can feel the winter-like weather as early as late November. The temperature begins to drop. Oftentimes, the cold is too much and you’re compelled to use heaters every day. These are also the times when you see the fall of the first flurries.

Some people perceive winter as a season of merriment and joy. For them, winter means Christmas. It’s the season of gathering.
Without proper preparation however, winter is a nightmare. It causes damage and freezing incidents in your homes. Winter storms are the third largest cause of catastrophic losses (Property Casualty 360, October 2014), that accounts for almost 22% of all homeowners’ insurance claims.

In Connecticut, homeowners spend the majority of their time shoveling and clearing the path around their basements to help avoid flooding. This consumes a lot of time and effort. It’s stressful but it’s still the safest and cheapest way to remove thick and heavy snow (NBC Connecticut 2014).

George Graham reported that the Connecticut River overflowed due to too much melting snow and overnight rain in April 13th (Mass Live, 2011). It caused minor flooding in Montague and Northampton. The National Weather Service reported water level rose at 112 feet and additional rises occurred the following day.
Early this year, barriers bordered Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. The goal was to protect pedestrians and vehicles from electric currents flowing through the sidewalk gates, manhole covers and nearby buildings (Live Science, February 2014).

Public places in Philadelphia became a hub of annoyance in March 2014. Massive amounts of snow blocked the streets and bus stops. The people were forced to cross the urban mountains to arrive at their destination.

Mark McDonald is the spokesman of Mayor Michael Nutter and he said even melting machines were an inefficient solution to the problem.

“The Department, which does not own any of this machinery, experimented with them some time ago and found that they are less efficient than loading snow into trucks and carting it away. They would also be a significant capital expense and it’s expensive to operate (NBC Philadelphia, March 2014).”

Be Prepared. Winter Is Coming.

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing company conducts basement inspection for free.

The inspection process helps you understand the exact issues of your foundation. Your heating system, cooling ventilators, exterior drains, interior pipes and roofing will be checked before recommended procedures are performed.
VULCAN Waterproofing provides free basement inspection all year round. The free service is available for all residences and business establishments in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The team of experts will respond promptly and at your convenience. Upon arrival, the team will check the exterior and interior parts of your basement. The team will then, discuss the thorough findings with you.

The report allows you to understand the extent and causes of the damage as well as preventive maintenance. Call Vulcan now to schedule this frees service!